Face Masks Rate Rised as Corona Virus Breaks in Pakistan

Corona Virus

Corona Virus is Severe acute respiratory syndrome which was previously known by the provisional name 2019-nCoV. It is a positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus. It is contagious in humans and is the cause of coronavirus disease 2019.

The costs of both normal and clinical face masks have increased by multiple times. As soon as the two cases of corona virus Updated in Pakistan. Rs 40 for per mask is now being charged for Rupees 100. And Medical Grade N-95 Cover is being charged 800 Rupees..

As soon as the two cases of Corona virus came in sight, and the Prevention of the virus spreading included wearing Face Masks. The sellers has got a perfect Opportunity to earn some handsome amount of money without having care for poor people. The prices of these Masks both common mask and the medical mask have reportedly increase 8x times in Pakistan and even other countries in the World. Whereas government should give free face masks to the public, the rates have been increased and it is now difficult for the public specially poor people to buy this mask. They are hereby more vulnerable to the Virus.

What are your thoughts about it? What steps should Government take to stop the Corona Virus? Let us know in the comment sections!


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