PM Imran Khan declined Asim Bajwa’s resignation as SAPM

Ret. Lieutenant general Asim Saleem Bajwa who is the Special Assisstant to Prime Minister gave his resignation later. However on friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan rejected his resignation as Special Assisstant infront of Information and Brodcasting media.
Mr. Asim Saleem Bajwa (Special Assisstant To Prime Minister) decided to leave his position after he was proven not guilty on allegations of assets concealment in an opposing debate which was shared on a social media platform Twitter.

Prime Minister Imran Khan shows his satisfaction towards the evidences and explanations given on the allegations of assets concealment and rejected his resignation as SAPM. He told him to continue what he’s been doing that is Special Assisstant to Imran Khan.

General Asim Bajwa announced this on thursday night on information and brodcasting that He would resign as SAPM (Special Assisstant) to prime minister and would only continue as CPEC Authority Chairman.

In front of Televesion interviews, he said that “I want my whole focus to be on CPEC projects as these are the Country’s future. He said that he would submit his resignation to prime minister on friday and said, “I hope prime minister will allow me to dedicate my whole focus and attention on CPEC Projects”.
The resignation announcement of the Asim Bajwa came shortly after he had a explained and issued an opposing debate to the allegations against him and his family. He added, “These allegations have been hurdled in my way and they have ruined my image”.

However, The resignation as SAPM was later on friday, rejected by prime minister Imran Khan, and he told Bajwa to continue working for him as Special Assisstant.


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