Schools may be closed again, said Sindh Minister

The government might have to shut down the educational institutions again because of the rise in Covid cases with opening of these schools. The Minister of Sindh said that they might have to order the closure of educational institutions if the number of cases kept increasing and SOP’s are not followed.
He said that around 15,000 people were tested for Covid in educational institutions when they were opened, around 91 students were found infected.

He said this in a press conference, that while visiting some governement and private educational institutions, the schools and colleges didnot seem to be following SOP’s as per order, and low attendence too in some government schools.

The decision to open the schools and colleges was put off for a week to make sure that everyone follow the SOP’s in schools and colleges. The new date for the opening of middle classes i-e grade 6 to grade 8 are 28th September.

He stated that despite their efforts, most of the government as well as private schools and colleges were not completely following the SOP’s regarding Covid, He further added that the situation will be observed before reopening of the middle classes on 28th Sept.
While taking this decision, he also mentioned that Further delaying of the opening of educational institutions shall destroy the education.

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