What is Sound Amplifier app and How to use it?

Sound Amplifier App

Sound Amplifier is basically an application that you can download in your android and iPhone. What this application does is that it simply enhances the audio, makes it clear, loud and increase clarity in the sound. You can choose your desired audio sounds to be increased, cleared and other noisy sounds to let them as they are.

Most of the android phones comes with an inbuilt Sound Amplifier and they have this application pre installed in their devices. If not, It can be simply downloaded from Play Store.

How to get Sound Amplifier App?

First, You’ll need to check if its already in your phone in it or not because most of the latest phones have it preinstalled in them so just a quick check. Go to Settings, tap Accessibility and you will see if there is an option available to Amplify Sound. If you dont see any options like this in your settings, Just simply go to Google Play Store and search for Sound Amplifier App or you can just click right here. Its free to download.


The application is specially designed for audio balancing in androids and iphones. By using the application, you can get more clearer sounds while calling, listening music or doing any other stuff and you can also minimize or put the sounds on low that are loud and noisy. It is for the headphones that are plugged in via 3.5mm headphone jack or USB-C type headphones. It also includes a feature to make your microphone more clear. It does this all just with the simple sliders in the settings. You can also balance the audio in each ear, increase or decrease for individual ear. This would be a lot of help to those having faulty headphones like one ear produces lesser sound than other. Also to those people having difficulties in hearing from one ear.

Sound Amplifier App

Sound Amplifier is available on devices having software Android 6 Marshmellow. You will just need to grant some permissions to the app such as accessing microphone and the phone itself so it knows when theres a call incoming.

How to Use

Following are the steps to use Sound Amplifier App.

  1. Go to the Settings of your phone.
  2. Go to Accessibility.
  3. Tap on Sound Amplifier.
  4. Grant permissions if it asks for any.
  5. Insert audio jack of your headphone.
  6. Open Sound Amplifier, Swipe up two fingers which is a shortcut to open the audio amplifying panel.

You can now amplify the sounds according to your need. You can boost the audio, change tuning, reduce noise, change bass, frequency and literally many more things.

Did you use this application before? If yes, Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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