Tips for traveling alone – Solo Traveling Tips and Advices

People love to travel and explore the world with their friends, families and loved ones. There are also some people who wants to travel alone and have a solo traveling experience.
Traveling alone might be a really difficult experience for one, like facing several issues like lonliness, safety and many more. A little preparation and a little common sense that you use can save you from such situations. We have gathered some “Tips for traveling alone” that might come in handy while traveling solo.

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Why Would One Travel Alone?

Traveling alone can be an ultimate experience for anyone as you are your own boss. Rest whenever you want, Do whatever you want and enjoy however you want. You dont have to rely on anyone for anything. You wont have to care about anyones safety or their mood and you wont have to insist to anyone for trekking all day or whatever you want.

How to Travel Alone Safely?

This is a most important question and mostly asked question that How can one travel alone safely or Is traveling alone safe? Ofcourse without having any companion to watch your back can be a bit rough. Specially in case of thefts, scams and other health realted issues. Ofcourse, we have some tips and a number of advices that will help you in solo traveling and making your solo traveling easy and enjoyable.

Tips For Traveling Alone

There are a few tips and advices to take if you are deciding to go on a solo trip.

Do Homework:

It would be a really good idea if you do all the necessary calculations before going out like how much time is it gonna take you to your destination. How much would it cost you to get to your hotel from airport or from your hotel to some public place. Solo Travelers and foreigners are usually charged more than usual as most of them dont have the idea of the rates. So, it is recommended to do all the homework before arriving there. Incase any cab driver asks for more than your calculation or tries to charge more than usual, Just go for a different cab or you can also use Vehicle For Hire services like Uber.

Choose right accommodations:

Select a hotel for you that have a front desk 24/7 so incase you arrive late, you dont have to wait outside the hotel whole night or sleep in your car or worse.

Listen to youself:

If something doesnt feel right, Dont do it.

Stick to open and public places:

Stay at the places which are public and there are people present, especially at night. It comes in handy when you are traveling alone.

Have Confidence:

No matter if you are in the streets of your hotel or you are 5000km away, Walk confidently. This will help you not to drive attention to yourself. If you act lost and confused, you might be more vulnerable. And incase you are really lost, enter a shop or a resturant and ask for directions there.

Dont carry expensive things:

Keep the expensive and the valuables at home. This will help you not to draw attention of the people towards you as most of the time, flashy clothes and jewelry drives attention.

Pretend Not To Be Alone:

When someone asks if you have company or you are alone, you might have to lie a little. Even if you ask for directions from someone, Do mention something like this too, “Can you direct me to the library? I have to meet a friend there”.

Keep Google Maps:

It will be a good idea to keep Google Maps on your mobile device as it will be of alot of help in unknown places. Because traveling alone, you might not know any direction or adresses to anywhere.

Stay in Contact:

Always try and stay connected with your friends and family so incase of any issue, they might be of immediate help.

Travel during the day:

Try to reach to your destination at day time, and always try to do the traveling part during the day time. Many sources say that at night time, you may face many threats and difficulties on the way.

All of the above Tips for Traveling Alone might come in handy in many situations so if you have decided to go on a solo trip, you might wanna read this article before leaving. Cheers and Happy Traveling.


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