Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In The World

Nature is really beautiful so is the earth itself. There are alot of beautiful places in the world, from which some of the Most Beautiful places in the world are listed below with their adresses mentioned.

Palawan Island Philippines

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Palawan Island is the part of the heaven on this earth. This beautiful island is known as Palawan Island and it is located in Philippines. This beautiful island is the fifth biggest island of the world. This place is the a tourism friendly and a safe place compared to other places. The Island is located in El Nido, which is famous for its spectacular water spots.

Lets talk about how Palawan Island looks like. The Island consists of a good sized lake which is surrounded by mountains. The color of the mountains, lagoons and forests and greenry, the water makes the perfect scenery. This place is voted as the Most Beautiful Island In The World multiple times. The presence of Wildlife in the forests of this islands is also worth a visit.

SELJALANDSFOSS Waterfall Iceland

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The SELJALANDSFOSS Waterfall is among the best waterfalls in the world. Part of the Seljaland’s River the Falls and their 197 Foot and 60 meter drop are fed through waters from the volcanic Glacier Eyjafjallajökull. A land of seemingly unending rainbows Seljalandfoss has brought a bonus of a cave in the back of the falls aquatic curtain. Allowing visitors of surreal viewpoint Best nevertheless the place itself is exceedingly easy to get right of entry to and can be seen from a close-by well used ring road.

Plitvice Lakes National Park Crotia

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One of Southeastern Europe’s oldest National Parks and a Unesco World heritage web page due to the fact 1979. Plitvice Lakes National Park has over 73,000 acres or 297 Square kilometres of some thing for each person. Overflowing with waterfalls, Cascades, trekking trails and Limestone canyons. It’s tough to understand where to appearance But the lakes and their vibrant colorings are the parks major dish. Plitvice simply functions 16 interconnecting lakes all of which exchange coloration thanks to minerals organisms and a trick of the solar.

Algar De Benagil Portugal

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Located on Portugal Southern coast this beach gem was as soon as a fishing base place. But today the Benagil sea caves draw site visitors based totally on seems by myself. It’s fine accessed by using water with the aid of Kayak boat or swimming however your efforts may be rewarded with unfathomable beauty like a good sized cathedral of Divine handiwork this natural Grotto with its rocky walls silky sand and weathered skylight is enough to make you sense small and Insignificant and but blanketed towards the whole lot else the sector has to offer.

Cliffs of Moher Ireland

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Dismantled all through the Napoleonic Wars Today the best reminder of the fortress for which these fantastic cliffs had been named is an old watch tower. The tower is 390 ft or a hundred and twenty meters at Hag’s head to a peak of 702 feet or 214 meters down the coast. The cliffs are home to 30,000 birds from 20 specific species Including lovely puffins a glance in any route gives a view of other Irish dreamscapes inclusive of the 12 pins Mountain range the Aran Islands and the mound turks mountains.

Whitehaven Beach Australia

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Whitehaven Beach is located in Austrailia and is about 7km stretched along with the Island Whitsundays. You can reach to this beach either by boats or helicopters. It is known to be one of the most beauiful, safe and eco-friendly beaches in the world. The sea shohres are lined with pure Silica sand, which doesnt absorb heat meaning you can walk on the beach till you want without your feet being burnt or feel hot. The blue and green looking water with the silica sand which is of bright color, provides luminescent colors and a spectacular view.

Antelope Canyon Arizona

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Antelope Canyon is known also known as Navajo Tribal Park due to its spiritual significance. In Antelope Canyon or Navajo Tribal Park, Water run through rocks. This place is so much majestic. Its the product of Millennia of rainfalls and floods flowing and carving some deep wholes into the “Navajo Sandstone“. Moreover, The canyon walls, which are so itself so much attractive but with the sunlights passing through the canyon creates the appearance of fire which looks so much hot and cool at the same time. Summer would be a good time to visit this place if you are planning to do so, because the fire apperances will be way too gorgeuos.


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