Top Best Freelancing Sites for Beginners

Freelancing has been on top since the first lockdown due to Covid 19. Number of freelancers have been rapidly increasing day by day and due to this lockdown, a huge number of people drove their way towards freelancing. There are two ways to do freelancing, Directly and Indirectly. In direct freelancing, You directly get clients and work for them, While in indirectly freelancing you use a freelancing platform such as Fiverr and Upwork. What are Best Freelancing Sites?

Best Freelancing Sites

There are hundreds of ways to do freelancing and ofcourse a hundreds of platforms too, but as a beginner, You might wanna choose those having low competition. So that you can get projects and make your way to top. So we created a list of Top Best Freelancing Sites for beginners, it might be of your help if you are a new player in this field.

There are hundreds of platforms for this purpose, but the top and the best one are as follow.

1) Fiverr

Fiverr is number one freelancing site for a number of reasons. It should be the first choice of yours when you stepping into the online field. Fiverr was founded back in 2010 and you can sell or buy services ranging between from 5 dollars to 5000 dollars. It is an easy to use platform, You just wanna create a gig and send buyers request to drive clients to you. You might also wanna read this before creating a gig, How to make an effective gig on Fiverr. Fiverr charges 1 dollar every 5 dollars as a comission meaning you would only get 8 dollars on a 10 dollars order and 80 dollars on a 100 dollars order and so on.

2) Upwork

Upwork should be your second choice if you wanna expand your business, but it is recommended that you should start it from Fiverr first. Because fiverr is an easy to use platform without some difficult verification tests (other than some minor tests related to the service you are providing). However, while creating an account on upwork, You must wait for the approval of the accound which you might find hard to get approved as a beginner. You can do bidding on the jobs offer and send your proposals to the different clients and get orders. Upwork charge around 20 percent commission rate on every order.

3) PeoplePerHour

On number three, We have another well managed platform PeoplePerHour. You can use this platform if you dont like Fiverr or Upwork or if you wanna expand your business more. PeoplePerHour was founded back in 2007. Theres a unique system for cutting their comission rate which will be related to your earnings per month. But keep in mind, the comission rate is way higher than other platforms.


Freelancer is also a freelancing platform as it name suggests itself. It was founded back in 2009. The best one according to many people for a reason that it doesnt have any comission fees on any side. Like client wont have to pay any extra charges and the freelancer will get exactly what the client has paid them. This is one of the reasons to choose Freelancer as your workplace. This platform displays the freelancer’s hourly rate, skills, experience and availability according to him.

5) The Creative Group

The Creative Group is also a Best Freelancing Site for beginners as it doesnt have much competition like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer though it does have competition but it is lesser than them. You can easily get customers on TCG. You have to upload your resume or linkedin on TCG to drive customers and to present your services.

Final Remarks

We would recommend you to start of from and as they are the Best Freelaning Sites for beginners in the current time. There’s a competition in every field but eventually, you have to go through the competition to come on top. You can choose the other platforms if you think you cant work on fiverr and upwork. For some people these dont work and the other three works like charm. So it is recommended to find whats perfect for you. Stay active, Stay wealthy. Cheers.

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