Top Hidden Smartphone Features 2020

10 Hidden Smartphone Features

Smartphone are really common in these days. From elders or grand-parents to children and grand-childrens, almost everyone have a smartphone. We use smartphones for our daily life purposes such as calling, texting and many other. But still, there are some “Hidden Smartphone Features” you are probably unaware of and they are of great use. Below is the list of the following features.

1) Scan QR Codes Without an App

First feature among the “Hidden Smart Features”, We have Scanning QR Codes without an application. If you have an iPhone, you dont have to download those applications for scanning QR codes and waste your time.
You just have to open your iPhone’s camera and point at the QR Code and then click on resulting notifications. It will take you right to the product page or website. For android users, you can go to Google App. Enable screen search, and follow the same protocol to avail this feature.

Source: Compsmag

2) Create Custom Vibrations

If you are in a meeting or somewhere sensitive and you cannot check your phone whenever it rings or vibrates. You can “Create Custom Vibrations“. By using this feature you will know whether the call or text is important or urgent or its not. To avail this feature, you have to follow these steps. Go to settings, Tap on Sounds & Haptics. Click on Ringtone or Text Tone and at the top screen, you will find an option for Vibration. Tap on it and scroll down. You will find a section that’d say Custom. Right below that you’ll find an option that will say “Create New Vibration”. Now you can create your own custom vibrations and assign them to your contacts.

3) Diagnose Your Car Troubles

Your car is having some troubles and you are not a car expert? Well now you can use your Smartphone to “Diagnose Your Car Troubles“. Theres an application for this purposes. You would surely prefer 100mbs to download the application than to waste 100 bucks to a car mechanic. Just Download the application named “Automatic Pro” in your iPhone or Android device. Now you’ll get an adapter and plug it into your car’s ODB-II port which will be located near the base of the steering wheel. Once the adapter is plugged in, this app can remind you where you parked your car, diagnose engine issues and even alert your loved ones, if you met an accident unfortunately.

4) Stay Safe While Walking Home

You are scared while walking home at night all alone? Its true, everyone is freaked out, But theres an application that will keep you safer while in this situation. This application is known as bSafe . This application is available both on iPhones and Android devices. This allows you to send invitations to selected contacts to track your location. Also this will set a timer that will call your desired contacts if you didn’t reach home at appointed time. And also, theres a feature to schedule fake calls to make it look like you are talking to someone while walking so the culprits wont dare to make any move.

Which one of these “Hidden Smartphone Features” is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below.

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